Ten years in the making.

Helping juvenile delinquents and underprivileged kids build a better future for themselves, has been a decade long dream of mine. The challenge was coming up with an idea that would allow me to build a company that could sustain their education without the means of charity or donations. 

Given my personal frustration and ensuing passion for luggage, I always thought this would be the ideal venture to combine with the idea of an academy for juvenile delinquents. An ambition that would turn to reality when I met Thibault, a talented French industrial designer and with whom we would design the ultimate carry-on.


From there, the Corvin team of two quickly grew and together we became the Corvin Team, a group of unconventional and creative entrepreneurs, that have a love for building the unexpected.

Given the complexity and ambitious nature of the Corvin Academy we expect to build this project over three phases. In the early stages we will simply recruit young talents to our artisan program but in the long run we hope to have an actual school where our kids have the opportunity to complete their education. 


This is the initial stage where we will focus on hiring teenagers that have completed their obligatory secondary education. In the early stages there won't be an on-site campus that will offer them room and board, but we will make sure to offer them all the support they need to complete their program successfully. 


Once we are generating sufficient revenue from our suitcase sales to build comfortable dormitories we expect to commence our campus with an initial 10-15 boys. We will be offering them room, board and an all-inclusive support system incl. support groups, therapy and rehabilitation.


Once there is a clear proof of concept with our intial two stages, we will expand our program to include an official  school for both boys and girls with a nationally recognised school curriculum. This will allow our kids to complete in parallel their secondary education and even apply to University.

We are a group of unconventional and creative entrepreneurs that have a sincere love for breaking boundaries, challenging the status quo and building beautiful products. Together we built what has now become the Corvin Carry-On. 


the corvin team

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