Teaching underprivileged teens how to user their gifts.

Troubled teens are often the direct result of their environment. An environment that often includes significant trauma which can scar them for the rest of their lives but may also offer them a set of unexpected gifts. 

In order to overcome their childhood traumas these kids often have to rely on their survival instincts and do so by developing a set of character traits often found in the world's most successful entrepreneurs. These are: drive, creativity, stamina, fearlessness, street smarts and perseverance.

Our role is to help these teenagers discover, polish and develop these underutilised gifts and help them become exceptional entrepreneurs that will help inspire many future generations of kids.

The Corvin Accelerator is a three year program where talented entrepreneurs will mentor and teach a carefully selected group of underprivileged teens and juvenile delinquents. The program will be built around the philosophy that the best way to rebuild ourselves as a human being, is to build something we can be proud of.

All new recruits will live on campus. Each apprentice will be assigned a mentor and they  will benefit of an extensive support system including help groups and therapists.

Our objective here is to offer them the infrastructure and support they need to break bad habits, eliminate toxic outside influences and build a healthy new foundation.



In the second year, once our apprentices have mastered the basics of craftsmanship and have proven themselves as responsible and valuable team players, we promote them to junior artisans. 


A status that will allow them to master their craftsmanship by managing their own projects and starting their rotations within other teams such marketing or operations.


In the third year our juniors progress to the final level of artisan. A level where they get to mentor and teach the younger generation of apprentices whilst preparing for their year end exam. 


Artisans that have proven themselves to be  talented, passionate and dedicated to the art of craftsmanship, will upon graduation, be offered a permanent role at Corvin.

The Corvin academy is more than an Atelier that teaches troubled teens how to become an artisan. It is a school where we teach them how to put their 'street smarts' to good use and become a prosperous entrepreneur. We do this by focusing our teaching on four core pillars. 

four teaching pillars


Learning how to build an object with your hands is not only a tremendous asset for the future but a great learning ground to take pride in your work. It requires precision, passion, respect and discipline. 


As of their second year all our teens will get exposed to various areas within marketing. From learning graphic design, to writing content or building a social media campaign, we help our students tell a story.


Operational execution, basic finance, reading a balance sheets or understanding contracts are some of the topics our teens will learn in years 2 and 3 to help them understand how to  run a business.


From communication skills, to mastering various dress codes and etiquette, we will give our recruits the ideal cultural baggage to help them overcome any cultural barriers or prejudice often found in business. 

build like an artisan.

think like an entrepreneur.

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