Bringing back the Golden Age of Travel.

Luggage used to be a fashion item, an object that was beautiful, rich and told a story. Today it has become a functional box on wheels that expresses little individuality, taste or style.  

Louis Vuitton revolutionised the travel trunk business in the 1850s, by introducing meticulous artisanship and beautiful design. We aim to do the same for the airplane carry-on, by combining unique materials such as bamboo and aluminium into a beautifully designed piece of luggage. 

Designed in France and built by the hands of true artisans we aim to shake-up the luxury luggage industry, by introducing a truly exclusive carry-on that whisks us back to the Golden Age of Travel. 

Built from bamboo and aluminium, the Corvin Carry-on is as unique in its design as it is in the materials it uses. Defined by it's minimalistic design, its revolutionary handle allows you to lift, open and pull your carry-on by simply shifting it into a particular position.

made of bamboo

A natural resource so strong it is used for scaffolding and the construction of houses.

A plant so flexible it absorbs shocks efficiently and can bend beyond any other comparable wood.

A material as noble as leather but half the weight and easier to protect against scratches.


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